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Essential Checklist for Effective Backlog Refinement and What To Avoid

You can add higher-priority items to the next sprint, which is a cycle of productivity scheduled regularly. Adding items to the next spring ensures the team works on them with urgency, and the deliverable may be available soon. When creating an item, ensure it’s specific enough to be actionable by the relevant members of your team. The more specific you are, the closer your final deliverable can be to what the client imagined. For example, suppose a company is designing a calendar app, and in its backlog, there’s a feature item about each event prompting users to share it with friends. The feature can include when you want the prompt to appear, what options for sharing you want to provide and visual references for the design.

backlog refinement techniques

A Product Backlog item is jointly assigned a size and serves as a reference for the assignment of the remaining items. To encourage stakeholders to collaborate, the price of some items should be high enough that no one stakeholder can buy them alone. With the total amount of money, it should only be possible to buy half the items. Product Backlog items that can be bought are priced and listed.

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Be reasonable about how much you can achieve in, say, an hour. Whoever is running the meeting should prepare beforehand by looking through the backlog and choosing which items to look at. But if Backlog Refinement doesn’t become embedded, it can soon fall by the wayside.

But you also have in-app alerts so you don’t have to leave your tool to stay updated. This keeps you working on your sprint and adjusting it according to the most current data, which boosts productivity. A backlog contributes massively to the success of an agile project. And there are no strict rules when it comes to refining a backlog. That means, for instance, that not every item requires detail.

How to Prioritize the Backlog When Everything is Important

If there is no agreement on the size, the Developers engage in a conversation over differences and re-estimated again . This agreement reflects the shared understanding of the Product Backlog item. In order for the refinement process to be considered a success, the team needs to agree that the item has been refined to the extent that it is now actionable. As a result, there would be little point in going through the process without consulting the team. Get them involved, so that they can verify that items are being refined to the correct extent.

backlog refinement techniques

A product backlog is largely seen as a replacement for a product requirements document , which some product managers still use to explain what the team is building and how it should work. Since many product management teams now take a more agile approach to their work, they have shifted to a more dynamic way to manage requirements — in a product backlog. Product backlog refinement is not a solo activity that only the product owner does. It requires collaboration and input from the whole team and the relevant stakeholders, such as customers, users, sponsors, or experts.

How to Create Better Story Point Estimates

This is especially helpful for questions that require some research and that the product owner will return to answer later. We’re sure you’ll love it, and if you need a hand, we’re here and happy to help. Ensure the delivery of the most important items, which should be on top of the backlog. That means that you already have items in your backlog, but they might need some information or an update before they’re implemented.

In some cases, you may delegate backlog refinement responsibilities to team members who are focused on a specific part of the sprint. There are prep chefs that prepare the ingredients for the meal, and the chefs cook the meal. Backlog refinement is similar to chopping the vegetables before the dinner rush—in this case, the sprint. It helps get everything into place so that when the sprint begins, everyone has all of the information they need at hand and no time is wasted trying to find the right ingredients. Customers change their minds, and technologies are changing. Unfortunately, the habit of managing this complexity with fixed predictions and detailed plans still exists in many organizations, even those using Scrum.

I have used Spike Story to create a superb product.

It may be possible only to implement the capability to read HRT and HR applications. Without this kind of split, a lot of flexibility is not available to the business. This post is part of a series on ways to split work items so that a minimum viable product becomes minimum, not maximum. To meet schedules, deliver valuable products, and exceed your stakeholder’s expectations, you need the ability to flex scope and offer an actual minimum marketable product. You need to know how to break down your work to be forced by technology or business processes to deliver anything more than the minimum. Weighted Shortest Job First is a product backlog prioritization approach that attempts to get you the biggest bang for your buck.

  • In the next blog, which will be posted next week, I will explain what typically happens when you set up a meeting to refine a Product Backlog item.
  • Backlog refinement should help you in your quest to have a permanently relevant set of items in your backlog.
  • This post is part of a series on ways to split work items so that a minimum viable product becomes minimum, not maximum.
  • The entire team comes back together, and the Product Owner looks at the brainstormed ideas and answers any remaining questions.

If your team is in a position where there are goals with deadlines, you might choose to put critical path items at the top of your queue. Kanban boards are the preferred tool when managing a backlog, but that can be done on a task list, too. People work differently and our tool is designed to accommodate various work styles with multiple project views.

Create and Refine

So, when planning the sprint, developers must allocate enough time in the upcoming sprint for product backlog refinement. The amount of time allocated will depend on the state of the product backlog. In the early days, developers will likely https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ need to dedicate a lot of time for refinement. As the product backlog takes shape, it will have fine grained items towards the top (not more than a 1 or 2 sprints’ worth) and more coarse-grained items towards the middle and bottom.

backlog refinement techniques

The team can adjust the length and frequency of the meeting, or even cancel them altogether, depending on what’s necessary at the moment. The best way to determine how often your team needs Product Backlog Refinements and how long the meetings should last is by gaining experience and making mistakes. As a registered visitor, product backlog management techniques I want my time zone to be detected, so that upcoming events are in my time zone. Custom formulas work well for prioritizing backlogs in situations with a lot of data and a lot of complexity. If nothing on the list suits your needs, you can always create your own formula, based on a mix of what you see above.

Success Principles of the Product Backlog Refinement

This sounds incredibly valuable and any developer would like to spend time on this over working on some legacy application. However, when the reasons behind the solution are unclear it will most likely end up somewhere hidden in the app store. Even in the case, you have successfully identified what to build next, your Product Backlog, as well as its refinement process, will likely provide room for improvement.